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Stay strong

This is for anyone who is suffering with depression or anxiety and are feeling like what’s the point on going on.

Many years ago when my depression was at its peak, suicide went through my brain on a daily basis. I use to say to people “if I was a horse you would put me out of my misery”. I had no friends, all I knew was abuse and hatred. I was at times homeless and scared to death.

After a couple of attempts at killing myself I met a counsellor who said to me “one day you will understand why we are trying to save you”. I thought at the time “yeah right”.

But a long story short(ish), I finally understand- the last 10 years have got better and better. I am now going really well and I am as happy as any ‘normal’ human being. I am so grateful for life, all the painful times have made me into the person I am today. A person that I am very proud of.

So when you start to think of ending it all hold on and create yourself a gratitude diary. Be grateful for all the things around you, no matter how small it is just be grateful for it. Life will get better even if you don’t think it will now, I promise you if you work hard at being the best you you can be, it will get better. And most of all Enjoy the ride! 😀