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How to show self-love.

I have been talking about the importance of self-love now for a while and people always ask me but how! How do I show myself love?

One fantastic way of showing self love is by sending yourself a letter. I know you may think this sounds a little crazy but sometimes talking to yourself in a positive way is just like a good friend giving you positive feedback and love.

1. Make some time for yourself - half an hour is the minimum to spend (remember giving yourself this time is in itself showing you that you are worthy of self-love) If you have more time fantastic!

2. It's really nice if you get yourself a beautiful note book or a fancy piece of paper. If you love colour, grabbing some coloured pens is also ideal. Make sure what ever stationery you use that it is loved by you and says something about you. As an example if you love black and white don't go putting heaps of colours in the letter - it is all about you, not anyone else.

3. Now write 'Dear (your name)', say some great things about yourself and how much you appreciated various things in your life. Write about one of your traits that you are proud of and why you are proud of it. Show gratitude for all the wonderful things that you do - remember to stay positive. Don't put anything in it about mistakes you've made or things people have done to you - pretend you are your own best friend.

4. When you have finished sign off with; "Know that I always love, accept, treasure and forgive you no matter what you choose to do or what mistakes you make. It is ok to be the best (your first name) you can possibly be. Love you always your best friend forever".

5. Read it back to yourself and make sure it is real for you. Make corrections and updates as necessary.

6. Read it to yourself at least once a week or when you are feeling down. You will be surprised how much better you will feel.

7. If you got this far well done YOU. Leave a comment about how it went and how you felt through the process. Of course you can keep writing to yourself as much as you want but don't forget to read it back to yourself too.

VERY IMPORTANT - You are worth it. By taking time out for yourself you are in fact making the time you spend with others better too. Win-win!